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USAF OCP Unit Patches

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Does your USAF organizational unit (Command, Wing, Group, or Squadron) have their new OCP patch approved by The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH)? To illustrate, please see the patches shown below.

USAF OCP Unit Patches

Conrad Embroidery Company is a USAF OCP Unit Patches supplier and TIOH approved. You cannot buy the new OCP unit patch without TIOH’s approval (per the chain of command). However, we can help you get the process started.

Please read below for more information and reach out to us at Conrad Embroidery Co. with your questions.

Citation from the USAF:

OCPs will become the joint combat uniform for Airmen and Soldiers while patches and nametapes will identify our respective services.  Service distinction will be maintained in our Blues, Service Dress, Mess Dress, and PT uniforms.

OCPs allow us to bring back squadron patches and heraldry which is central to our culture as Airmen. While we will no longer allow squadron-colored T-Shirts with OCPs, we will celebrate unit integrity with appropriate patches and insignia.

OCP guidance and timelines are available for review on MyPers. In order to allow squadrons to develop patches and ensure the correct accouterments are available, we have set 1 Oct 2018 to begin wearing OCPs for those who have them. Transition details can be found in the guidance.

Thank you for your active engagement and your patience as we made this important decision for our service. We remain committed to listening to you, Airmen in the fight and command teams on point.

We’re proud to serve with you –

(Signed by)

General, USAF Chief of Staff

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

Link to USAF OCP information from Soldier Systems:

The Air National Guard OCP patch from A-B Emblem.
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